Academy For Sissies 3

Released at: June 10, 2010 by Severe Society Films
Instruction: Mistress Red, the headmistress at the Academy for Sissies, and fetish performer Deviant Kade discuss the various options for getting a silky smooth sissy body, including shaving, waxing and electrolysis. Instruction: Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Mistress Red and Deviant Kade demonstrate the proper way to shave your body for that silky smooth sissy look. Deviant Kade has come to the Academy of Sissies, looking for training in the ways of a sissy. He's greeted by Mistress Red and turned over to Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa to begin his education. He's humiliated as the ladies strip him now to reveal pink panties beneath his masculine attire and dress him in more feminine clothing in preparation for his first dance lesson. The now feminized Deviant Kade is ready for Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Mistress Melissa and Mistress Red to turn him into an "exotic dancer." First comes a new name - Pollly-Polly Amorous! Next, the music comes on and the ladies get him up on the stage to shake his ass. With the Mistress' guidance, he's soon ready to move on to lap dancing. At this rate he'll be ready to feature dance in no time! Polly Amorous' (Deviant Kade) sexy dance has Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa turned on and they need to burn off a bit of sexual energy. Around the Academy, that means strap-on fun, and with two sex-charged ladies, poor Polly is going to be taking it in both ends, lucky girl! Polly Amorous is dressed in sexy lingerie and holding onto the horse for all he's worth, as Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa continue to double penetrate our sissy slut. Mistress pounds his ass hard as Goddess grabs his hair and pushes his head down on her plastic penis. When it seems like he can't take any more he gets a break, just long enough for the ladies to trade positions! Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa are still using both of Polly Amorous' (Deviant Kade) holes when Jimmy Broadway drops by the Academy. When Goddess sees how much Jimmy is enjoying the show, she invites him to join in, and before he knows it, Polly has a real cock in his mouth and two strap-ons in his ass, the little slut! Our sissy-slut Polly Amorous (Deviant Kade) continues to get used as he's compelled to pleasure Jimmy Broadway while Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa pound his gaping asshole and his pretty mouth. This is one sissy who's getting quite an education at the Academy! Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa are really enjoying showing off their sissy slut Polly Amorous (Deviant Kade) to their friend Jimmy. And Jimmy seems to be enjoying it too, as Polly is compelled to give him a hand job and suck his cock while Mistress fucks our sissy in the ass and Goddess abuses her mouth. For the ultimate humiliation, Goddess has Polly lie down so Jimmy can jerk his load all over the sissy's face!

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