Alecia Vs Corey

Released at: November 8, 2014 by Joan Wise Productions
If you like your women rough, skillful, and mean, and willing to do anything to their opponent including erotic holds and submissions, then you will go wild over this battle. The battle between these two contestants is both fierce and highly erotic at the same time with more face-sitting and humiliating submission moves than you can shake a dick at! Alecia, the sexy wrestling goddess meets her match with the equally sexy brunette, Corey. Though the match starts out even, it gets more and more wicked as the clothes come off. There is nothing either of these wildcats won't do to get the other underneath the other so that they can punish their foe with wrestling holds, breast smothers, and other humiliating submissions. Though Corey is not quite as well endowed as Alecia, she still can show the blonde a thing or two when the wrestling turns erotic--and Alecia is the perfect target for this kind of retaliation.

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