All About Me

Released at: June 16, 2017 by Viv Thomas
Cute brunette Nataly Von wakes on the bathroom floor as episode one of Alis Locanta's "All About Me" begins. She is naked and confused, the tap running; what could have happened? She leaves the bathroom and wanders the hallway, her small breasts topped with puffy nipples grown stiff with the chill. When Nataly spies Paula Shy and Lexi Dona sleeping naked together, she lingers in the doorway. The sleeping lovers look so sweet together, their jet black hair spreading over the pillows. Nataly recounts her story, flashing back to Paula helping her to find a new path in life. The girls are getting ready for an evening out, but Nataly is nervous. Paula calms her by kissing her gently. Friendly caresses soon turn to passionate ones as Paula helps Nataly out of her white cotton panties and threads a finger between her labia, rubbing gently against her clit. Paula kisses Nataly's neck and breasts, her lips winding their way downward. She eases a finger inside Nataly's pussy, following it with a second as her friend grinds and moans beneath her touch, her orgasm shuddering through her body. Paula strips out of her underwear and toys with her own pussy, feeding her wet fingers to Nataly, who sucks on them wantonly. With the taste of Paula fresh on her lips, Nataly slides down the bed to lick her pussy and finger-bang her to orgasm. Paula licks Nataly's clit and wet hole from behind, her eager lapping driving her friend wild. She grinds her palm against Nataly's clit, using both hands to stimulate her until she climaxes. Paula takes her reward by riding her lover's face. Returning to the present, we see the moment when Nataly passes out, but the reason for her distress remains a mystery... A naked Nataly Von looks pensive while gazing out of her bedroom window as episode two of Alis Locanta's super hot "All About Me" begins. Cut to Nataly and busty Asian beauty Paula Shy. As Nataly reflects on the unexpected sexual encounter that took place between them in the previous episode, Paula's girlfriend Lexi Dona arrives and they immediately head to the bedroom. The noise of their sexual activity gets Nataly's attention and she peeks in on them as they trib frantically. Nataly is evidently turned on by what she sees, but when Lexi catches her watching, Nataly runs off, embarrassed. She's hiding in the bathroom playing with her pussy when a naked Lexi enters and caresses her until Nataly has frigged herself to orgasm. Nataly shows her appreciation by locking lips with Lexi, before trailing her mouth over Lexi's deeply tanned, slender body, until it nestles against her pussy and she starts lapping at the very sticky honeypot. As black haired Lexi harshly gropes her own breasts, Nataly feeds two fingers into Lexi's pussy. Lexi moans loudly and grinds herself onto Nataly's thrusting digits until she trembles uncontrollably and her orgasm hits. Nataly strips and faces away from Lexi, who drops to her knees and prizes Nataly's ass cheeks apart so that she can lick out her wet cooze from behind ? before she mirrors her new fuck-buddy's actions and double-digit drills her while rubbing her clit. With one leg raised, Nataly's moans increase in volume until she comes on Lexi's fingers. Lexi slips her sex juice coated digits inside Nataly's mouth so she can taste herself. Lexi climbs up on the sink and the stimulating process is repeated again to orgasm. Exhausted they kiss and embrace. Cut to Nataly waking up confused... was it all a dream? The third episode of "All About Me" finds slender brunette Nataly Von losing herself in her memories. She looks back to the time she sat by the pool as Lexi Dona and Paula Shy paddled in their bikinis. She watches as Paula applies suntan lotion to Lexi's thighs, her desire rising as her friends begin to kiss, her fingers rubbing her pussy. We join Paula and Lexi in the bedroom as they kiss and stroke each other. Lexi brushes her perky tits up against Asian beauty Paula's larger breasts, nipples stiffening. Lexi sucks on Paula's nipples, dipping her fingers into Paula's mouth to let her suck on them like a cock. The two of them stand together, frigging each other's clit hard and fast. Paula climbs onto the bed on hands and knees, offering her ass and pussy up to Lexi's long, wet tongue. She gently peels Paula's shaved pussy open and laps at her slit, her tongue slithering over Paula's tight asshole. With her lover's pussy slick with juice, Lexi slips two fingers inside, fucking her with them as she grinds her clit. Paula orgasms, hard and fast. Athletic Lexi lies on her back and puts her feet above her head. Smiling, Paula spreads Lexi's cheeks wide and tickles her slit with her tongue. Her eager fingering brings Lexi off rapidly. The babes turn up the heat in a sexy 69, eating each other's sodden pussies with love and attention, finishing each other off with some frenetic scissoring. The ending suggests the relationship between the three girls is about to become even more complicated... As the final episode of "All About Me" begins, Nataly Von wakes and dresses, preparing to leave. Her memories take her back to time spent with Paula Shy and Lexi Dona, when these two sexy babes were Nataly's audience for a very erotic striptease. Nataly dances for them and they help her out of her dress, pulling her panties down as together they begin to kiss her creamy thighs and flat stomach. Paula and Lexi are really into Nataly's pale, slim body ? they can't stop themselves from touching her, and soon all three are kissing, Paula sucking Nataly's nipples sensually in an orgy of groping hands. Before long the threesome are naked, Lexi sitting with Nataly leaning back on her as Paula licks Nataly's tight pussy. Paula fingers Nataly as Lexi reaches down to strum her clit. Their experienced touch brings Nataly off fast and loud, much to their delight. But they're not finished with her yet. As Nataly turns to kiss Paula, Lexi fingers her pussy some more, eating her out from behind. After a hot threeway kiss, Paula and Lexi sit back on the couch with their legs held high and Nataly eats both their pussies, rubbing her fingers over them and tasting their juices. She eases a finger into each ready hole, fucking them both with the same rhythm and making them come together in a crescendo of passion. As Nataly leaves she looks radiant, her sexual awakening complete.

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