Alyssa Reece And Friends Vol. 2

Released at: July 21, 2014 by It's Your Porn
Pussy-loving girl Alyssa Reece (AKA Mandy Moore) seduces curious Russian babe Karma to start her horny adventures in Alyssa Reese and Friends vol 02. Jules enjoys some strap-on fun with our star in the second encounter, discovering some new pleasures. Eva kissed a girl and she liked it, so Alyssa shows her how hot pussy can be too. Denise confides that Yoga gets her horny for cock, but Alyssa shows her that girl-on-girl action can be far more satisfying. Dizzy girl Brooke is her final conquest for this horny edition, easily persuaded into giving up her wet pussy for some hot clit-pleasing fun! Join Alyssa as she seduces friend after friend and convinces them to try some of the hottest lesbian action!

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