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Released at: September 30, 2019 by CX Wow
I found the stunning TS starlet Tera Firma and convinced her to come over to my place for some good conversation and even better anal sex. She is a vision in white and there is nothing that made me happier than to defile her and her perfect ass. This brand new babe is going to be back at Pure-TS for more scenes and that's a guarantee! Amanda Bell and Christian have gone to Vegas and made a life changing commitment to each other. He carries her over the threshold and into a new chapter in their lives. What better way to celebrate this event than a rocking bareback anal sex session. He guides this 20 year old TS supermodel onto his big cock and fucks her in every conceivable way before cumming deep in her tight hole. Peyton Paige is responding to some complaints about a large amount of internet usage coming from 1 room in particular. The guest in the room is Christian and when she confronts him she notices a large bottle of lube on him. Well now she needs to not only teach him a lesson, but get him off so he stops using up all of their internet. Christian comes home from work and his submissive sex doll Samantha is waiting for him. She knows her duty is to serve his needs and tonight they are all his sexual ones. She is ready to suck his cock and then take him deep in her tight hole. This petite trans babe is perfect for him as he can fuck her around the room and she loves every second.

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