Anything to Declare

Released at: June 8, 2018 by California Star Productions
On a daily basis, Customs officer Jim is very thorough when it comes to his job. And today is no different. Jim sees two very attractive blondes who look a little uneasy. The women are anxious to get through Customs without having their bags looked into and when Jim stops the, they try to get away. In an effort to make this easier, Jim decides to take Jane to the holding room while he checks the bags with Amber. Upon opening the bags, Jim finds a large quantity of tickling videos. "You have 20 tickling videos here and you are only allowed 5, can you explain this?" he asks Amber. She tells him that only 5 of the videos are hers, and that the others belong to Jane. After finding well over the allowed limit of videos, Jim wants to get more information on these ladies. He gets out his ropes to restrain Amber and a little tickle tease is in order. He'll be here a while using all of this tickling tools to get them to confess the whereabouts of more illegal items that they may be carrying.

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