Released at: May 5, 2021 by Black Trans Whackers
You lucky guy. You've been invited up to my room. Don't I look luscious laying on the hotel room bed? Do you want to tongue bath my light skin? Want my panties? Look, I'm already rock hard. Oh, you noticed my big balls are stretched skin tight full of white milky cum. Do you think you deserve my big thick load? Well, you have to earn it, and I know you're very willing. My, you give great head. Mmm, like the way you like my tightly hung sack. Oops, is that my butt hole you're tonguing? Sure, I'll roll over and make it easy for you. Stick your tongue deep inside my ass, because you need to get it nice and wet so I can take you big manhood all the way in. Wow, you fuck good. Okay, I'm ready. Are you? There it is, ready for you to suck right into your mouth, my big thick white goopy hot load of trans girl semen, delivered fresh just for you. SUCK IT UP NOW!!!

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