Asian P.O.V. #6

Released at: December 31, 2008 by Devil's Film
Imagine having a hot woman dangling by her lips from your dick. Have you ever had a steaming, night with a hot **Asian chick**? You thought she was just a shy flower of the Orient but as soon as she started peeling her clothes off she became a sexual inferno of orgasmic delights. So if you want to try one out, we've got the answer: **Wall-to-wall Asian sluts who can't get enough of your hard cock in their mouths or crammed up their tight pussies**. This is POV the right way, where you get to experience every jizz-pumping moment while they fuck you like you've never imagined possible! They're all yours... and they're all ready for sex!

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Scene1: 00:01:06 - 00:25:02 (23:56)


Kyanna Lee

Scene2: 00:25:05 - 00:49:27 (24:22)

Scene3: 00:49:30 - 01:10:45 (21:15)


Lana Ly

Scene4: 01:10:48 - 01:32:00 (21:12)


Yuki Mori

Scene5: 01:32:03 - 01:52:13 (20:10)