Athena & Veronica Play With Toys & Enemas

Released at: August 6, 2017 by A Wizard of Ass
Athena, now a cheerleader in college, returns to the dungeon where she was first introduced to kinky sex in her schoolgirl days (see her first film.) There, she finds Veronica, a hot Latina, who makes her do some cheers ? and then proceeds to place her on sex swing, strip her naked, put her in handcuffs, lick her toes, and oil her up all over! But that's just a warm-up! When Andre, her former school HeadMaster arrives, he places her in hogtie bondage, with Veronica's assistance, then gives her an enema and fucks her in all 3 holes! Afterwards, Athena learns how to be dominant, by practicing whipping, caning, etc, on Veronica, who gets tied up to the ceiling in a standing position, tiptoeing. Veronica's butt turns flaming red, with pronounced welts! Later, Athena gets to give Veronica an enema. To finish up, the two girls take a bath together.

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