Back Together with Kiki Cali

Released at: December 6, 2022 by Sophie Ladder
Kiki Cali and I get back together for the first time since the pandemic! We kiss and feel on each others breasts, I eat her pussy and she sucks my dick. Then Kiki lays on her back as I fuck her with my hand around her throat.We then move to side / spoon position where I pound her hard as she moans and screams. I wrap both my hands around her neck to get a better grip while fucking her. Then we move to doggy where Kiki throws it back before I fuck her hard and fast. She sucks me off some more then I fuck her at the edge of the bed making her scream and moan. We finish off our rough fuck hookup with Kiki on her back as I pound her as hard as I can to completion.

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