Bad Dragon Girls VS. Covid-19

Released at: November 3, 2020 by Carmen Rivera Entertainment
The Bad Dragon Girls' hypochondriac slave believes he has COVID-19! Aware that he's been sitting in self-quarantine masturbating until his cock is chafe, they call him to the Fetish Institute for specialized laboratory "anal"lysis. Of course, he's given a probing and intense examination. Immediately, the antibody is discovered, and the ladies decide that their "dragons" should "fly," bringing the antidote hard into his extensive intestinal tunnel in a most unconventional way. First, they try to choke out the COVID with their infamous XL rubber dicks shoved deep into their patient's throat. When that fails to work -- and his temperature is still rising -- he is immunized with an "ass-vaccination." It is proven that the Coronavirus hides in the deepest corners of the asshole. After a long struggle with the still-present virus, they then dig in, up to their elbows, in his uninhibited fuck hole. In the end, they overwhelm not just their now horny and happy slave, but COVID-19, too! Could COVID-19 stand up to the Bad Dragon Girls? Of course not! You're out of your fucking mind!

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