Candida Royalle's Rites Of Passion

Released at: April 9, 2011 by Femme Productions
In 1984 Candida Royalle went from being an adult film star to creating the internationally acclaimed Femme Line of erotic movies from a woman's perspective. She has since lectured worldwide on her work, and is also the first adult filmmaker to have been invited into membership by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. She has appeared on most major TV talk shows and has been written up in everything from the New York Times to New Woman. Lust Uncovered, Secrets Revealed Shady Madonna: Veronica Vera takes us along with "Mr. Morality" as he goes to the TV studio to tape his weekly message. He instead finds himself traveling through his mind's lustful secrets as revealed my sexy Nina Hartley. A timely and humorous piece. In Search of the Ultimate Sexual Experience: Annie Sprinkle shares with us the autobiographical story of a woman whose search for fulfillment leads her through wild sexual adventures until she discovers ancient lovemaking secrets brought to her by a mysterious Adonis-like "master."

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