Coach Kasie

Released at: December 28, 2014 by Iron Belles
Peter is a mad father here to call on Coach Kasie and find out why his son didn't make the team. When he finds out that Kasie is the coach and not the secretary, he becomes very disrespectful so Kasie challenges him to a fight! They exchange gut punches, jabs and crosses, Kasie deliverers an awesome right cross to knock him to the ground. Now for some serious mat grappling including seriously strong scissors to his body, then to the head. The Kasie clutch is applied; face sitting, pins and punching to the gut while being pinned. Kasie knocks him out cold with a right hook. A week later Pete returns to show Kasie his real game, he surprise attacks her while her back is turned, landing three good blows, leaving Kasie breathless for a moment...the battle between parent and coach continues on until one is no more.

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