Daddy's Rich - Remastered Grindhouse Edition

Released at: December 13, 2012 by 9th Avenue Exploitation
Ben is a rich man, and rich men always get what they want. When his wife goes to Europe for a week, Ben decides he wants to have some fun with a cute little filly he knows. But his daughter, Kristine (Carol Connors), still lives at home and he doesn't want her to be in the way. Meanwhile, a swinging foursome of friends has discovered that Kristine is a naughty minx that pays for sex, and they're going to blackmail Ben to keep the information secret. But Ben has other ideas. Ben offers the freaky foursome five thousand dollars to capture Kristine! He wants her taken care of, but out of his hair for a week so he can frolic with his mistress! So, after a rousing romp, Kristine is on her way home and is spirited away by the foursome. Left alone with one of the men, Kristine's constant horniness gets the best of her and she ends up having sex with her captor. When the rest of the foursome comes back, the reason behind the hoax is revealed and Kristine finds it hilarious! She offers to take them all back to her place for an orgy in the hot tub! Ben brings home his mistress and is shocked to find not only Kristine, but the foursome he's paid to waylay her. He is at first angry, but after falling into the hot tub he succumbs to his own lust and joins in the orgy! Everyone is in on the fun, and Ben even gets a blowjob from his naughty daughter! Looks like rich men really do get everything they want!

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