Damsel In Distress 1361 - Wunder Woman Vs. Diablo - Alternate Ending

Released at: July 26, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Nine cheerleaders are missing. Rumor has it they fell into the clutches of Diablo - the world's most miserable, anti-cheerleader villain. As soon as she learns of the situation, IADC agent Diana Prince decides to get involved. In a back-alley she turns herself into her formidable alter-ego Wunder Woman, then heads off to Diablo's HQ. Sneaking inside, she descends a stairwell, and enters a room containing a bondage cross and a strange machine. Barely has she looked them over when a masked goon steps out of hiding and approaches her menacingly. Startled, Wunder Woman tells him to back off. She does not want to fight him - she declares. But the goon does not listen. He tussles with Wunder Woman and pays the price as her superior strength sends him crashing to the floor in defeat. While keeping him pinned under her boot, the Amazon presses him to reveal the whereabouts of Diablo. Moments later she hears the villain introduce himself over a loudspeaker. As usual he is in a bad mood. Where are the cheerleaders! - Wunder Woman demands of him impatiently. The grumpy Diablo agrees to tell her only if she will give him her golden belt. Unwisely, Wunder Woman accepts the deal. No sooner has she taken it off than the goon seizes it and destroys it by means of the strange machine. Afterwards, knowing she is no longer a threat, Diablo decides to humiliate Wunder Woman for his own amusement. Goon, take her! - he calls. Before the Amazon can make a move, the goon traps her in his arms and thrusts her struggling body up against a wall. There he smothers her with lecherous kisses as a prelude to yanking down her corset to maul her big naked breasts and suckle on their nipples. Wunder Woman is deeply distraught. She curses and yells out, but it is all in vain. Presently, things go from bad to worse as she is shackled to the bondage frame and groped even more roughly than ever. Diablo himself taunts the distressed superheroine while the goon spanks her breasts, plucks her nipples, dry humps her, and licks at her pussy through her bottoms. When Diablo has seen enough of that, he calls for another goon to free Wunder Woman and do whatever he wants with her. Thus begins the harshest phase of the Amazon's ordeal. First on her knees, then on her back, she is made to suck the goon's big long cock. Gradually it becomes more like a face-fucking as Wunder lies helplessly taking it throat-deep, spluttering and gurgling in the process. Later, realizing the goon is going to fuck her, she says imploringly: Do whatever you want to me. The next thing she knows, she has been dragged over to a couch, stripped of her bottoms and thrust down on her stomach. From behind, the goon spears his cock into her defenseless pussy and commences to pound it hard. All the while, Diablo watches - as entertained as Wunder Woman is distressed. Wunder Woman fucks the goon into submission until he collapses from exhaustion. She slips out from underneath quietly and makes her escape to fight another day.

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