Damsel In Distress 147 - Party Girl Punished

Released at: October 12, 2015 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel had come home from a hot party night. She met several eligible men. There were a few she ignored because they weren't wealthy enough for her time. When she entered her bedroom to undress she was jumped by a masked man hiding in her closet. He slammed her down on the bed and tied and gagged her. He left her to struggle while he checked her house. The man came back to teach her a lesson. He pulled her tits out and slapped them around. Then he pulled his cock out it was rock hard. She had been showing off her tits all night wearing a low cut top. He tit fucked her then pulled the gag down. Rachel gagged and choked on it. He got angry because she wasn't doing it right so he flipped her over and pulled her panties down. Rachel knew what was to happen next. He called her a slut as he pounded away. Rachel screamed but the gag muffled her. The man finished what he came for and got off her, threatening to return as he left.

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