Damsel In Distress 228 - Rachel Sucks To Save Sister's Life

Released at: October 14, 2010 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel came home to find her sister Joey on a stool gagged and handcuffed with a noose around her neck. If Joey moved she would fall off the stool and hang herself. She bolted to her when a masked man in black attacked Rachel. He threw her over his shoulder and tossed her on the couch. Rachel fought back hard; he slapped her across the face. The man said he did not want their money, he wanted them. He pulled Rachel up and made her pull Joey's tits out then suck on them. Rachel did it but kept up a fight. He grabbed her hair and screamed at her. The man made Rachel to pull Joey's panties down and lick her pussy. This turned him on. He pulled Rachel's skirt and panties off and bent her over fucking her hard. He made Rachel suck Joey's tits as he fucked her. The man then made Rachel to her knees and made her suck his cock. Rachel had no choice as her sister was shaking on the stool and Rachel feared if she did not do what he wanted Joey would slip. He played with the women for hours.

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