Damsel In Distress 344 - Roadside Ravaging

Released at: October 14, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel's car has broken down on a deserted country road. She tries to call for a tow truck but her cell phone has no signal. She gets out of the car and put the hood up. She is wearing a dress, heels, stockings garter belt, bra and panties A man drives up and she thinks he is a good Samaritan. He is actually a deranged man and he is there to help himself to Rachel. She is to become his next victim. He says an attractive woman should not be out on such a deserted road since there is a bad man on the loose in the area. Rachel agrees and just wants to get the car going again and get out of there. He says that she must be next. Rachel replies, next? He says next victim and hits her over the head with a billy club knocking her out. Rachel falls face down onto the ground. He takes a picture of her on the ground. Then a close up of her. He plays with limp body and rolls her over onto her back. He takes other pictures of her for his collection. He pulls her dress up and checks her body out. He gropes and fondles. He takes another picture. He poses her in several provocative positions and takes a pictures in each position. He takes her dress off and takes a picture. Again close ups. He rolls her over and unhooks her bra. He rolls her back over and removes her bra. He takes another picture. He plays with her tits. Then he removes her panties, keeping them as a trophy to go with the pictures. He takes another picture. Rachel wakes up she is in shock frozen with fear. She does not move or fight back. He bends her over the truck and fucks her. The uses her mouth to give himself a blow job. He pulls out before he cums and cums on her face and tits. He takes another picture of Rachel laying motionless eyes wide open in shock her cum drenched body lying on the ground wearing only stockings, garter belt and heels.

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