Damsel In Distress 44 - That Was My Promotion!

Released at: April 25, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel gets a promotion at work. She has been sucking the boss off for months and it finally paid off. Rachel is followed home by a co-worker who felt that he deserved the promotion. He attacks her in her dining room as she is opening her promotion letter. He quickly gags her and ties her to the dining room chair. He pulls his cock out and makes her suck it until she gags on it. He pulls her top down and squeezes her tits. He tugs on her nipples. He lifts her dress to see her panties. Rachel fights and struggles to loosen the ties. He rubs her pussy and then begins to finger it. He slaps her in the face with his hard cock. He jerks it off in front of her. She is disgusted. Rachel becomes angry at him so he slaps her in the face with his cock some more. Just as she thinks that that is far is it is going, he makes his cock go deeper into her mouth. He leaves her to struggle when he has finished with her.

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