Damsel In Distress 53 - Hotel Bar Tease Gets Ass Tapped

Released at: May 4, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel is away on business. She is staying at a hotel. She likes to tease men at the bar during happy hour. She returns to her room and locks the door. A man from the bar got her room key and let himself in. He waits for her to lock the door. He attacks her and ties her to the bed posts in a standing position. He takes her money. He looks on her laptop and finds she is into bondage and girl/girl porn. He lifts her tight skirt up to discover that she is not wearing panties. He goes in her bathroom and finds her lube. He tells her he is going to take everything she has including her tight ass. He squeezes her tits, and bends her over. He fucks her hard in the ass. Rachel screams out in agony. He makes fun of her while he fucks her. He gets up on the bed and removes her gag. He XXXX his hard cock in her mouth and face fucks her. He finishes her off by shooting a load in her pussy. He tells her he put a do not disturb sign on the door so she will be left tied for a long time. He has her address and her house keys and tells her he will visit her at home.

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