Damsel In Distress 65 - Photo Shoot Gone Bad

Released at: May 16, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel is building her portfolio. She goes to a photo shoot that afternoon. The photographer came highly recommended so she did not feel the need to bring her escort. He had her do a few poses, and then he made a comment about her breasts. Rachel told him that he was being very unprofessional and she felt uncomfortable. He told her he wanted a few pictures of her with her hands tied behind her back. Rachel posed for him tied. He told her to sit on the couch and then suddenly attacked her, shoved her down and pulled her panties off her. He stuck them in her mouth and gagged her. He turned her over and fucked her hard. Rachel was furious. He pulled the gag out and she screamed that she would tell all the models she knew what he had done to her. He laughed and told her he was not the photographer and that the real guy was tied up and gagged in the house. He then shoved his cock in her mouth and called her names until he shot his load down her throat. He put the panties back in her mouth, re-tied the gag and left her on the floor. He grabbed the camera on the way out the door. Now he has pictures of her tied up with her ass hanging out.

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