Damsel In Distress 75 -Trophy Wife Taken And Ransomed

Released at: May 26, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Trophy wife Rachel had attended a cocktail party for her charity event. There was a man there that kept bothering her. Rachel left the party early; she wanted to get home safely. She called her husband as soon as she could to tell him about the man at the party. Her husband said it would be a few hours before he got home and for her to put the alarm on and sit tight. Rachel was very nervous. She went to the dining room and took her earrings off when out of the dark she was attacked. The masked man gagged her with a large cloth and taped her mouth shut. He took her phone and called her husband, he told him to pay or he would take Rachel with him and he would never see her again. Her husband thought he was bluffing; the masked man hung up on him and went through the house looking for money or jewelry. He came back to call her husband again this time he put the phone down so he could hear him putting his cock in his pretty wife's mouth. He heard Rachel scream out for help in between gagging on the man's cock. Her husband agreed to pay him whatever he wanted, the man hung up the phone. Rachel pleaded with him to go since he would have the money, but the man just had to have her ass so he pulled her off the table and fucked her until he shot a huge angry load of cum into Rachel's pussy, he left her there alone and used.

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