Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes #6

Released at: February 20, 2003 by Ed Powers Productions
Natalie Tizara and Aldo are fans of Adult Video entertainment. This is a true story of their fulfillment of certain fantasies. Natalie, a woman with Eskimo heritage could melt a glacier in the Antarctic. She's on fire as Aldo makes his entrance front and rear. Ed comes face to face with Natalie, and Natalie meets her fantasy woman, Heather Lere. Cassandra Dark joins the party for a thorough lick fest. We are going Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes and Deep Inside True human sexuality. The orgasmic peak is reached and carnal desires are quenched! It gets so hot the lady camera person jumps in and gives Natalie some lip! We are going Deep 6, cum along!

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Scene1: 00:01:47 - 00:38:11 (36:24)

Scene2: 00:38:11 - 01:04:50 (26:39)

Scene3: 01:04:50 - 01:21:49 (16:59)

Scene4: 01:21:49 - 01:53:33 (31:44)

Scene5: 01:53:33 - 02:18:45 (25:12)