Desire & Devotion

Released at: March 15, 2020 by Dane Jones
Dane Jones is proud to present ~~Desire & Devotion~~ - Let's take a moment to observe the young couple in their natural habitat - the bedroom. Here, the young male Nick makes his move on his girlfriend while they kiss, by slipping his hand inside her shorts and rubbing over her panties, in a dance as old as time. She reciprocates with a long and loving blowjob, licking, slurping and sucking while looking into his eyes which really gets Nick's heart racing and his cock ready. She can't take her mouth away from it and keeps it in, stifling her moans as she climaxes in a 69. Joshua can't wait to get Eveline Dellai out of those clothes and onto his cock, but that doesn't mean he'll let the foreplay slide. After some sensual kissing, Eveline unbuttons her lover's pants and gives him a long and luxurious blowjob. Once he's good and hard, Joshua slides his cock into his raven-haired girlfriend's wet pussy, thrusting steadily as she moans. The intensity reaches its climax when Miss Dellai starts to quiver with orgasmic pleasure, urging her man to cum until he erupts all over her stomach.

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Candy (VI)

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