Dream Girls: Special Assignment #3

Released at: May 14, 2001 by Dream Girls
**__SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT #3:**__ Hot Coeds Showing It All!! Year after year, America's collegiates migrate south for an all-out drunken orgy called Spring Break. Our Spring Break 2001 travels took us to Cancun, South Padre Island, Key West, and other parts unknown. Without a doubt, Spring Break 2001 proved to be our absolute best year ever! Wet t-shirt contests are the cornerstone of Spring Break, and we love to capture that one moment when coeds finally decide to get wild and share their most private parts with a crowd of horny college guys. We keep our cameras rolling from front row center as the crowd cheers "Show Your Tits!... Show Your Bush!... and these hot collegiates don't let the chanting crowd down! But that's not all. Between the contests, you'll see hot coeds showing it all at beach parties, on a public bus, in their hotel rooms, in convertibles, in traffic jams, and in the nightclubs where anything's likely to happen! Warning! DreamGirls Spring Break videos are required viewing for your next human behavior class, so get yours today, and memorize these study materials now!!

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