Erotic Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde, The

Released at: September 11, 2006 by Gourmet Video
They were the heroes of the thirties. The wild and unpredictable robbers of banks. Their names inspire visions of careening car chases, blazing gun battles, and uninhibited, orgiastic sexual interludes. Bonnie and Clyde (Gayle Sterling, Billy Dee) Machine Gun Kelley and his wife (Mike Horner & Viper) Pretty Boy Floyd (Don Fernando) John Dillinger and his lady in red (Jon Martin & Alicia Monet)... we've got them all in here, and they're screwing their brains out in a little cabin in Iowa. Shanna McCullough and Long Chainy are the horny farmers. Now maybe they never really met, in real life. But it's kind of fun to wonder what it would have been like if they had.

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