Extreme Heat

Released at: October 21, 2006 by Freedom Distributing
Is it possible that the mild mannered Ultra Nerd Professor Floggett and the super cool Mega dude Bobby Lust are one and the same person? Incredible as it seems the answer to this and many other burning questions is a resounding: YES!! When the professor invents a formula that instantly transforms him from nerd to BMOC, his life changes dramatically! When two of his female students get a sip of his formula, watch out, you can't control them! And when beautiful Stella Starr sees Bobby Lust perform she goes wild with desire!! Are the Professor and Bobby Lust one and the same? Yes! Are his female students wild and hot? Yes! Yes! Does Stella Star fall head over heels for Bobby Lust? Yes! Yes! Yes!! And it's all in Extreme Heat!

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Bob Martin

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