Extreme Muscles N Dildos

Released at: April 1, 2015 by Iron Belles
Ms Extreme Muscle and Muscle Foxx have just gotten home from a party in their see thru fishnet dresses and heels and are very excited as they come into their bedroom. Muscle Foxx just loves her girlfriend's muscles and shows her by worshipping them, squeezing her biceps and rubbing on her thighs. What she doesn't know is that Ms. Extreme Muscle is packing some very heavy meat between her thighs in her panties and as Muscle Foxx goes down to them she is astounded by the big bulge! Wow! What have we got here she asks. She then proceeds to slip her fingers inside the panties and much to her surprise there is a huge dick and a big giant clit! The best of both worlds!!! Foxxy and Extreme Muscle Girlz get down to awesome dildo action of sucking and fucking. Muscle Foxx is sucking Ms. Extreme Muscle's hard dildo and Ms Extreme Muscle is jacking her head down on it real hard. She then picks up Muscle Foxx and carries her to the bed where the REAL action starts as Ms Extreme Muscle starts fucking her real hard. Incredible close ups of two Muscle clitties going at it "XXXtremely"! You don't wanna miss this one!!! These Muscle Girlz are totally insane with their strap-on fucking and sucking of each other. Incredibly close ups that will make you foam at the mouth as you watch humping and pumping motion of each other.

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