Femorg: Kimmy Haze

Released at: January 19, 2015 by Femorg
  • Studio: Femorg
  • Duration: 00:37:00
  • Production year: 2014
  • Scene count: 4
  • Cast:
Twenty-eight year-old brunette Kimmy Haze is petite, at 5' 4" tall with small, natural 32 B size breasts and weighing in at only seven stones (that's about 98 pounds). Kimmy thinks her blue eyes and beautiful smile are her best and overall most appealing attributes. And she is daring and adventurous, having once had sex on the bonnet of her car while it was parked in her parent's driveway! Kimmy is playing on the sofa, wearing pink lace thong panties and a black band top. She is thin, with small natural breasts. She pulls her top down to show her perky natural breasts as she continues to fondle her body and strip for us. Once Kimmy is sufficiently warmed up with some panty play, she reaches for a silver vibrator, settles back on a pillow, and works the toy firmly on her clitoris. She rocks her hips up and down, too. Kimmy reaches orgasm with some visible contractions :-) as she tosses her head way back into the sofa, moaning and panting. She spreads her lips, touching her clitoris once more with the vibe noting how sensitive she is now ... Kimmy is in the bedroom wearing animal print lingerie. She isn't wearing any panties under the little negligee, either! Kimmy plays with her breasts, tweaking her nipples, and turns her ass to the camera as she kneels and plays on the bed. Kimmy strips completely out of her lingerie, propping her head and upper body up against the leather headboard as she works a shiny purple vibrator on her clitoris. You have to watch this scene very closely because it looks like Kimmy cums quite a few times and quite quickly! She shows pre-orgasmic anal contractions and perineum tugging orgasmic contractions as she enjoys the purple vibe. Back on the tan sofa, Kimmy is wearing a bright turquoise top and "barely there" purple thong panties. They are tiny, tiny panties! She caresses her body then pulls off her tight tank top, turning her ass to the camera and spreading her ass cheeks nice and wide for us. Turning around to face us once more, Kimmy props her bottom up on pillows, pulling her panties tightly into her slit. She likes playing with her panties! Once Kimmy has finished in the strip tease and foreplay department, she gets totally naked, working the purple vibe on her clitoris as her hips are rocking up and down. Again, watch her closely because she enjoys lots of perineum pulling contractions. It appears that she has little orgasms, then enjoys a much bigger one! But, Kimmy isn't finished yet! She settles down and keeps going with her purple vibe, panting and softly moaning for one more. :-) She giggles. Kimmy quickly strips and gets naked in the library. She sits on the floor, working her favourite purple vibe on her pussy. She lies back, lifting her chest, neck and head up as she wanks, bent kneed, on the floor. It's not long at all before Kimmy rocks out a nice, long, hard, contracting orgasm. She turns off the toy - not wanting to break it - she lies back to recover. The cameraman encourages her to do a little more - staying in the same position so that we can see a little more of her face as she masturbates and cums for us too. Her nipples get quite erect as she cums again. She removes the toy and pulls back on her clit as her contractions continue. The cameraman asks her to spread open to see the inside and we can see that she is glistening wet with pussy juice. Yum!

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