Femorg: Sexy Santa Solos

Released at: December 29, 2015 by Femorg
Four incredibly sexy and very pretty Santas bring a little more to the holiday season as they masturbate to orgasm. Dorothi Black with her very sexy, big natural breasts; Sylvia Lauren with her large labia and hairy pussy; Zara DuRose with her natural firebush and snapping orgasms; and Ani Blackfox with her shaved pussy and pokey nipples. What a great way to celebrate! Dorothi Black wishes us all a Merry Christmas before she does some sexy little moves in her Santa outfit. She has an incredible pair of breasts that just want to pop out of her perfectly fitting bra ;-). She peels down and kicks aside the Santa top settles in a chair and takes off her black high heeled shoes. Her hand finds its way into her panties for a quick rub before she removes her bra straps to release her gorgeous, natural, large breasts. A very nice pair indeed! Dorothi pulls down her panties and reveals a tuft of pubic hair and a piercing right in her pubic mound. She is relatively quick to employ the services of the Hitachi magic wand which has her hissing and "ah-ing" instantly. She tries it on her nipples too which makes her giggle! Back on her clit the toy goes... she can't seem to keep it there for long before she pulls it off briefly. As the camera moves in for a closer view, her little perineal contractions become obvious as she continues the stimulation. Dorothi moistens her fingers, reaches around, and puts two of them into her vagina and jiggles them around. She switches the wand to high power, puts it back on her clit and cums in seconds with lots of soft contractions! Dorothi quickly switches of the wand and pulls it away, and wishes us a Merry Christmas once again as she recovers. Sylvia Lauren introduces herself as Mrs. Claus and informs us that Santa is gone and she has a preset for us! Very naughty, Mrs. Claus ... She is sitting on a couch with the Hitachi ominously close by as she takes her bra off. She has very nice small natural breasts which she caresses ... her nipples respond nicely too! Mrs. Claus then turns around and peels off her panties - she has a nice furry pubic patch and rather large labia that protrude through her curly hair. And oh, those perky nipples ;-) ... Sylvia is a finger rubber and when she masturbates privately always prefers her fingers to toys. And that's what she starts doing ... rubbing her clit, inserting her fingers into her vagina, caressing her breasts and nipples ... she flips over onto her knees, spreads her ass cheek, and starts masturbating her clit and fleshy pussy. Very nice view! After warming up this way, Mrs. Clause flips back over and decides to try out the wand. She switches the toy on, places it on her clit, and immediately starts having tons of little twitches and contractions ... I mean little ones, but very clearly there! The pace of her panting increases as she clearly enjoys this toy ... her little twitches pick up the pace a bit too as Mrs. Claus cums ... She switches off the wand, and smiles at the camera as she closes her legs. Nice bush :-). These feet and legs walk into the room, and as the camera moves up, they clearly belong to natural redhead, Zara DuRose! Zara walks over to a chair, sheds her bra and exposes her humongous breasts, then peels down her skirt ... she's not wearing any panties and so we immediately get a good view of her pussy from behind. Zara is kneeling in the chair as she starts to caress her pussy with her fingers ... she reaches over for her favourite vibrator and wastes no time in plonking it onto her clitoris as she starts masturbating doggy style. After a few minutes, Zara turns around and sits in the chair - she manages to do this without taking the vibrator off her clit, too! She starts gently rocking her hips against the toy, and her exposed labia move and fold nicely with the movement of the toy. We also keep getting nice little glimpses of her red, closely cropped pubic mound. Zara is concentrating on the sensations as her other hand moves up and cups her enormous breast. She is panting now and really jiggling the vibe on her clit ... her pussy is showing signed of getting close with pre-orgasm contractions. Zara doesn't let up, and it takes her a while to find this one ... and she does - she cums with nice and strong pussy contractions as her head tilts backwards! She seems very pleased with herself as she wishes us a Merry Christmas! Ani Blackfox starts out by asking if we are ready for a Christmas treat ... well of course we are! She turns around on the couch to show us her butt - she's not wearing any underwear. Ani then turns around and kneels on the couch ... watch carefully as you can briefly see her parted pussy lips poking out under her skirt ... very sexy indeed! She teasingly caresses her body and releases her breasts and pokey nipples from her top before she lies back on the couch and starts to play with her shaved pussy. Ani spits on her fingers for some lubrication, which she immediately starts rubbing onto her pussy and clit. She rubs quite firmly, then slaps her clit, then rubs again. She is a bit of an actress as she does this though. She eventually finds the Fairy Mini Wand, licks and sucks the head of it before rubbing it on her pussy. Ani then turns on the toy, touches it to her nipple for a few seconds, and then puts it back on her clitoris. Even with the toy on low speed, Ani seems to actually enjoy it ... she keeps it firmly planted on her clit until she cums ... her thrusting hips and ample buttox make this one hard to spot though. Ani continues playing with the vibe, teasing her pussy and nipples with it ... it looks like she's going to do it again, but after a minute she turns it off and licks and sucks the head again.

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