Fresh Euro Flesh 3

Released at: May 21, 2001 by Silverstone Entertainment
Shot on location in Budapest, this video uncovers Europe's freshest fucking fun. Covergirl Isabel is one hot brunette, dancing around and showing off her great, natural boobs, long legs and gorgeous face. John strips off her dress and she takes his cock~~deeply~~up her ass! Exotic redhead Julia's ass and legs are firm enough to take a standing anal plowing! Monica has long hair, long legs and she's good at playing pool. She jumps up on the table, and Nick learns that when it comes to sticks and balls, her talents are unlimited. With her short, blonde hair, tanned body and kitchen apron, Brigitte is hot to take care of Lex' appetites. He jumps her bones and they ~~really~~ cook. Super slut Synthia is incorrigible; this nympho needs dick in her ass constantly. Frank obliges, and creams her pretty face with his ass-soaked cock.

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