Fuck My Furry Bush

Released at: September 22, 2011 by Amateur Hall of Fame Productions
After a year off to have a child, I returned to my favorite activity - gang bangs!!! With a room full of black guys! I thought I'd start off slow (for me anyway) and only meet five men to remind me of what I'd been missing. This opens with a scene of me putting on my make-up, getting dressed slowly and waiting for the studs. I then decide to fuck myself waiting for the guys to come over. This is the only footage I have of me masturbating. I put my suction cup dildo on the table top and sit on it, fucking it while looking into the camera and talking nasty! Also this is the tape for your hairy pussy fans! My bush is out of control! As the guys arrive, I'm really, really loose. One black guy has 11". I start off getting eaten by a white guy as I get my nipples sucked by two blacks. I get eaten, cummed on, cummed in and cummed over! The white guy shoots his load on my hairy, hairy pussy. Sticky!! The one black guy cums in a condom and it gets dumped in my mouth as another guy shoots in my mouth. If you like hot outfits, check me out after I change and start sucking off everyone else. I look hot into the camera! As I get eaten and fucked, you will see GREAT cum shots into my open mouth. I get my pussy eaten while I suck cock, get fucked hard and deep. Massive loads of sperm cover my face. I had a rash from all the sperm on my face. Includes a bit of foot fetish at the end. Some of my best oral, black cock cum eating scenes. Not just in my mouth, but CUM EATING!

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