Gangland IV - In Pain We Trust

Released at: April 9, 2008 by ZFX Productions
**Gangland **'s 4th installment of the Series. Set in the year 2006, the government is waging an all out war against Organized Crime. This includes the expeditious termination of these criminals using female assassins to do their bloodletting. In order to insure that these missions are successful, the government uses computer generated virtual reality (VR) simulation to test their agents. G-men trainers double as virtual villains, mercilessly inflict terror upon their beautiful agent trainees to toughen them should they ever been caught. This is the story of the training of two such agents. Beautiful brunette Agent 175 (Drew Phoenix) observes a VR session from the safety of the control room. Two agents are bound and antagonized by their training target, a sadistic pimp and pornographer named Paully Sty (Rick Masters). Paully was a cyborg with a long and tumultuous record. 175 studied the simulation with rapt attention. She won't make the same mistakes as these agents, or suffer the same fate. She would soon be on a similar training mission, one designed to test her ability to handle the rigors of hunting and interrogation. 175's training mission is to infiltrate Paully Sty's porn warehouse and take him out where he least expects danger. But what she doesn't realize is that Paully is expecting her. As 175 cautiously enters the warehouse, she is taken from behind by her cunning target. Despite a hard fight, 175 is disarmed and subsequently tightly bound and gagged. Her body is taught to endure despite increasingly vulnerable and intense positions, this proud beauty is pushed to the limits of her endurance. Left bound and gagged with her own panties, 175 must still escape to carry out her mission. Will she succeed? Next, beautiful blonde Agent 179 (Chandra Sweet) is also undergoing training, only this is a more risky live exercise. Ball gagged, then strung from the ceiling by a masked captor, 179 has her large breasts tied with rubber bands and then given a torrid whipping. Soon the whimpering agents' breasts are swollen and crisscrossed with welts. Still, 179 refuses to give up any information, not even her name. Undeterred, her fiendish interrogator wires up the poor agents boobs for some electrical persuasion. An inflatable butt plug as inserted in her mouth and the uncooperative Agent has her jugs shocked until she convulses helplessly. 179 still refuses to talk. Can she hold out and pass the test?

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