Girl Girl Sex 284

Released at: March 23, 2020 by abbywinters
Scene 1: Kneeling before Paola, Zhen smiles as her hands move up her thighs, raising her loose skirt and moving towards her panties while Paola holds her breath. Turning around, Paola faces the wall and pushes her firm bum against Zhen as she hugs her from behind. Passionately kissing each other, the girls caress their breast and bodies until they're laying completely naked on the floor. Sitting on top of Paola's face, Zhen moans in pleasure as Paola licks her bare vulva. Turning around, Zhen closes her eyes as she squeezes Paola's bum in 69 position, eagerly licking her hairy vulva. Leaning against the wall, the girls finger each other while keeping eye contact until they can't hold an orgasm. Scene 2: Sitting in front of each other on the living room floor, Sienna pulls up Galina's top, uncovering her pert breasts and massaging them passionately. Continuing to undress, the girls kiss ardently as their hands move all around their bodies, stopping in their vulvas as they begin to finger each other. Raising her hips as she closes her eyes, Sienna begins to moan in pleasure as she feels Galina's tongue massaging her clitoris. down on all fours, Galina pushes her bum out while Sienna fingers her vigorously from behind, getting her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.

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