Hardbound Television

Released at: April 11, 2007 by ZFX Productions
Welcome to the world of hardbound television - where the fantasy and reality collide to bring you the most outrageous, shocking TV programming ever! This Year is 1997, the cable has come along way toward giving people what they want, sex and violence! Just ask Stephanie, the gorgeous young blonde you'll join, who fingers herself into a frenzy while watching hardbound TV; the exciting new all bondage channel to which she recently subscribed. Here's the programs you'll see on Hardbound Television... **Cooking with Julia Slut:** Watch as the beautiful gourmet cook, Julia Slut is roughly stripped and bound, the force fed one steamy load of tapioca after another through a nine inch cock-shaped feeding tube for your viewing pleasure. Then bound, gagged, and covered with glistening corn oil, Julia pleasures herself to squirming, lusty orgasm. Next catch: **Captured Coed Sinema:** A sultry young college coed finds herself at the mercy of Rick, her demented neighbor in Hardbound TVs "Swimming Lessons". After peeping through Lisa's window as she dresses, Rick breaks into her apartment where he roughly binds her hand and foot, gagging her with her own panties. In her bedroom, Lisa's firm body is subjected to an intimate exploration, from her supple thighs to stiff nipples. Then while ransacking her room, as Lisa watches helplessly, Rick discovers she has a secret hidden in her drawers; two huge dildos, handcuffs and a whip! Lisa implements of pleasure are now tools of pain in the hands of her twisted captor. Finally, as she lay hogtied on the bed, struggling desperately to escape, she hears her bath tub being filled. What new terrors could await her in there? Find out when you see "Swimming Lessons!" Finally there's; **Persuasion Theater:** A petite blonde gets on the wrong side of a temperamental drugload in AC/DC. After being roughly bound and gagged, young Jeanie is delivered to a dilapidated old house where she is thoroughly interrogated. First Jeanie is cropped till angry red marks crisscross her ripe ass and swollen nipples, then shackled to a metal bar over a bed, where her succulent breasts and full mound are covered with clothespins. You won't want to miss the shocking conclusion of AC/DC! This is TV with an attitude! If you are into bondage, but want to see something truly different, check this tape out. You won't be sorry.!

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