Holes 4 Rent

Released at: February 25, 2010 by Trix Video
  • Studio: Trix Video
  • Duration: 01:00:00
  • Production year: 2009
  • Scene count: 3
  • Cast:
Florida's NEWEST and ONLY DRIVE BY WHOREHOUSE! Three girls, Lacey, her daughter Crissy and her sister Tara all live together and had a problem known by many of us...~~No money~~! Rent was due and they had to act fast! They had a meeting and came up with a great idea...A drive by ~~whorehouse~~! They made up some signs, put on some skimpy outfits and stood out on the corner in front of the house waving their signs and flashing drivers. It wasn't long before traffic backed up and they had LOTS of clients! The patrons lined up for cum shooting blow jobs and more 'cause after the girls sucked off several truck loads of cock, they took all of the guys into the yard, let them gang bang them all they wanted, the girls got covered in wet cum and fucked by LOTS of hard cocks! All the girls got their pussies filled till overflowing as the boys did sloppy seconds, thirds and even fourths and the girls had to lick the spent jism from each other and any cum covered cock that was shoved in their face! The guys left the girls with LOTS of money and out in the front yard, naked, fucked, filled and probably pregnant after all this bareback fucking! (58 Minutes)

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