Home From Work

Released at: March 6, 2022 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I have just got back from work, how do you like what I wear for work, this is how the boss likes us to dress in the office but now I'm home its time to strip off and play, I'm wearing my sexy red lingerie but its quickly removed and I'm fondling my breasts and squeezing my nipples before finger fucking my wet pussy, now take a look at some of the toys I have to play with now which one shall I use first, I think I'll go with Hissing Sid,I start by rubbing him between my pussy lips then pop his head into my juicy cunt then slide his body deep inside and I pound away before sitting on him and riding him hard then I lay back and suck all my juices off of him, next time to try my tentacle which slides in with ease after Sid's penetration and I fuck myself hard with it which feels so good but like Sid I do like to ride this tentacle sliding him deep inside me, then I kneel up and thrust him harder and faster making me very wet indeed and ready for my final Red and White spiral tentacle which screws its way inside my juicy cunt and I grind away until fully satisfied as I reach a climax.

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