Hot X 2

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Joan Wise Productions
Two of the sexiest, yet fiercest women warriors give an all-out effort to annihilate each other. Showing off their drop dead bodies in tight jeans is only the appetizer as the battle rages. Super intense, skillful wrestling, as well as hand over mouth smothering, belly punching, suffocating tit smothers, excruciating scissor holds, as each fighter gives as good as she gets. Next up is ferocious pussy mauling, belly flops, wedgies, and a lingering cross body pin which finds the leading lady's pussy on her rival's face. This classic confrontation picks up even more steam until an amazing occurrence occurs: a tight double head scissors is applied, with each warrior squeezing for all she's worth until finally one must surrender and admit defeat. After suffering mercilessly, a truly amazing thing happens as we witness a reversal of fortune. Nearly down for the count, the battler now has her way with her tormentor. The awesome head into crotch head scissors and must-be-seen-to-be-believed face sitting will drive fans out of their minds.

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