I Slutwreck My Step-Sister For Cheating On Me

Released at: June 17, 2022 by The Kaiia Eve Productions
Cara and I tell each other EVERYTHING. When I find out she has been cheating with my boyfriend, I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at Cara for hiding it from me. Had she just told me we could have fucked him together, but since she went behind my back I have to make her pay for what she did to me. I haze my sister cara by slapping her face around, degrading her with my words, stuffing panties in her mouth, and then I make her eat my pussy. I facesit on her and ride her stupid fucking face until I cum all over her. After I cum I take clothes pins and clamp them on her nipples, i take lipstick and label her a slut, and cheating whore. You can see her labeled, clamped, tied to the bed, and panty stuffed as I laugh at her for thinking she could be a slut behind my back. It isn't over yet. I want to edge Cara. I make her edge, and don't allow her to cum. Right before she is about to cum, I walk away. Cum denial is the best when someone betrays you and deserves to be punished.

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