I Want to be a Dream Girl 13

Released at: November 25, 2002 by Dream Girls
Meet Elizabeth (age 23 38D-28-36). If you're a big puffy nipple or a big breast fan, you're bound to like this irresistible hottie! Elizabeth says **"I consider myself bi because I've been with a girl!"** She tells us that she usually masturbates at least once a day - with tows, and says, **"I've been titty fucked before, but I really prefer the real thing!"** As Elizabeth talks to us, she begins fingering herself... She flips over doggy style, sticks one finger in her pussoit, and on in her ass, and has a crashing orgasm! At a public park, Elizabeth flashes on the nature trail, and then finds a bench. She changes her clothes and then begins some serious finger blasting right in public! Back at the apartment, she puts on her sexy red nighty, and says, **"I've been in some threesomes before, but I prefer one-on-one action!"** Out comes a big read dildo, and Elizabeth begins some sultry hot penetrating and then vibrating on her clit, back and forth, jam it in, vibrate, probe, vibrate... and then boom - ORGASM! **"Ooh... that was great!"** After her orgasm, she tells us "I've had sex right in the middle of a nightclub!"** In the shower, she lathers up and shaves her pussy. Elizabeth says, **"That was so good... I think I'll try a shower orgasm!"**, as she starts fingering herself again. Finger licking good Elizabeth! Wow!

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