Iron Liberty's Muscle Domination

Released at: July 24, 2014 by Iron Belles
Iron Liberty is taking a gym class on how to dominate her husband, but when he finds out, he's none too happy. When Liberty comes home from the gym he expresses his feelings to her, but she has her own ideas! She pins his arm behind his back and head locks him with her strong biceps, then tosses him down like a rag doll and proceeds to muscle dominate him in various inescapable holds and pins. Continuing her Topless Muscle Dominance on her victim, Iron Liberty bullies muscle worship in tight submission holds and squeezes. He cannot resists Liberty's demands! From python tight body scissors, to clotheswire tight headlocks, this Muscle Gal will put you through the ringer! Watch and be amazed at her super human strength and wish that you were in her grasps instead of her current sub!

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