Japanese Whale Hunt

Released at: May 5, 2008 by Third World Media
Japan has a long history of whaling. Whale meat has been consumed by many, including the Emperor himself for many centuries. Current whaling conducted by Japan is a source of political dispute and wide-spread commotion from environmental and whaling organizations worldwide. Third World Media, continuing on a quest to be environmentally friendly, has redefined the modern meaning of Japanese Whale Hunting to include Japanese women who share similarities to actual whales themselves. They stick out in a proverbial societal sea of many smaller fish. Similar to whales, these girls eat uncontrollably, and pack on kilo after kilo of blubber to keep them warm and happy year round. Similar to their oceanic sisters, Japanese female whales are in short supply, yet very high demand. Mating season is year round, yet it has taken Third World Media quite some time to harpoon, reel in, and impregnate these blubber bangers in a futile attempt to preserve the species and present them to you.

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