Julia Exposed

Released at: September 13, 2006 by Trix Video
My name is JULIA, I'm a slut and my husband makes me fuck everybody who wants some! Do you do this to YOUR wife? These two 'nurses' go down on each other and NO HOLE is off limits to their wandering tongues. Then a patient is invited inside the 'doctor's office' and their cure for him is a good fucking and blowjob where he gets to shoot in BOTH of their mouths! Julia then shows us how much she likes old gangster flicks and spreads that juicy pussy wide and plunges her fingers and toys deep inside so we can see all her sweet pussy juice pour out! Then it's outside for a roll in the hay as she fucks and sucks off the 'hired hands' at the farm. You'll see lots of close-ups of the cum shooting down her throat and spilling out onto her awesome tits! She DOES lick it ALL UP and wants even more! This girl is PRIME MEAT and she does everything you could possibly want and even more! THIS video is 100 percent fucking, sucking, and cum-eating, and no time is wasted because she knows what you want to see . . . RAW, UNCUT SEX!!!

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