Kimberly Kane 1

Released at: October 16, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Clean My Pussy"- Kimberly Kane is trying to finish up at work when she gets a call from her boyfriend. He's going to be out of town a day longer. To help hold her over until he returns they start having phone sex. Rodney is the janitor and was heading home when he realized his keys and phone were still in the office. He walks into the office to find Kimberly fingering her dripping wet pink pussy. She lets Rodney know that if he wants to keep his job he needs to start by cleaning her pussy with his tongue. But its more than just about feeding her hungry pussy and soon Kimberly is on her knees with Rodney's cock feeding her horny hoe mouth. His cleaning is complete when Rodney covers Kimberly's face with a Rodney Blast.

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