Kyla M. - She Has Super Long Nipples

Released at: March 2, 2013 by 97% Amateurs
The studio 97% Amateurs doesn't film XXX porn, but if you love to look at naked women minus the hardcore sex, then you'll love this studio! The amateurs set the level of nudity and play they are comfortable with and there are no men to spoil the view! Kyla M. and her super long nipples are a sight to see! This cute blonde amateur shows off her ADD in the beginning of this short film, but then it's on to the boob bouncing, wiggling and manipulations. We even put her on her trampoline. Lots of nipple tugging and pulling, and you will see her nipples pulled longer than any other we have ever played with. She really enjoyed playing with her new found friend her glass dildo!

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