Lesbian Turn-On

Released at: February 15, 2015 by Joan Wise Productions
French Favorite Renei comes up against formidable Nikki Steele and what a visual treat they provide! Nikki comes on too strong for Renei, and the fur flies, as both wildcats love to wrestle and fight. Clothes are ripped and stripped and rules are totally disregarded as each woman tries to destroy the other. When a victor emerges she is vicious and evil, humiliating and hurting her beaten opponent. The loser's pleading for release goes ignored, as the gleeful victor is having the time of her life as she rides, grinds and pumps her outrageous body all over her victim. Not satisfied yet, she uses her feet to further punish and humiliate the weeping loser, and finds they are now both turned on, as feet and breasts are kissed and this leads to some fantastic pussy licking.

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