Liam's House of Discipline

Released at: June 15, 2019 by California Star Productions
Liam's House Of Discipline Description Headmaster Mr. Hawkins has sent Ariel and Riley to Liam's House of Discipline. They have vandalized the lockers at college, and have also been aught bullying numerous students in the hallways. So off they march in their plaid skirts and prim white shirts. Dealing with Riley first, she is told to lay on her back with her feet extended in her air. She is hand spanked and paddled, and her bottom soon turn beet red. She is also placed across a feather horse as Liam declares "you are going to be pink and red all over!" All the time she cries and swears she will be good form now on...when it is finally Ariel's turn she too is treated to the same type if discipline. These young women are indeed pleading for mercy and their have surly been taught a valuable lesson in proper behavior.

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