Live Report #2

Released at: October 31, 2020 by BB Video
BB-Video is stoked to present the second edition of Live Report! This is a fun movie that centers around real people off the street, and getting paid to fuck on camera! Each scene starts off with the cameraman approaching attractive women on the street and seeing if they would like to get paid to fuck on camera. If you have a thing for real German babes, this movie should be right in your wheelhouse!

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:25:48 (25:47)

Scene2: 00:25:52 - 00:54:37 (28:45)

Scene3: 00:54:40 - 01:17:19 (22:39)

Scene4: 01:17:22 - 01:45:44 (28:22)