Mean Girls Vol. 5 - Mom Cheers On

Released at: November 28, 2013 by Mean Girls Studios
"You can do it!" unfortunately, this is not encouragement towards doing something that is uplifting and pleasant. Instead, these subs are made to lick mud, kiss dirt, and worship feet. Feet that has stomped in mud. Feet that has met with fertilizer. They must sniff, the must inhale. Not to mention the verbal humiliation, as well as the CBT. These girls are mean! Be sure not to miss the ball-busting action in scene two: Mean dallas Cheerleader- Kick Practice You might have seen that TV show where girls try out for the dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders? Well, Randi is one of the girls trying to make squad. She got some feedback at the last session that her kicks "just weren't high enough or forceful enough". So she is practicing after-hours, when the cheer-coach walks in. Luckily the cheer-coach is also her mother! So "coach" has a special drill for her darling daughter to do that is SURE to take her kicks to the "next level"! Coach-Mom calls in her personal assistant and explains that he is going to be used by her daughter for kick drills! She actually makes him stand there nice & still with his legs spread WIIIDE open so that Randi can work on full-force kicks with her cowboy boots up into his groin. Mom explains to Randi (while her assistant stands there being talked about like he is nothing more than a kick-dummy for them to practice on) that if she can REALLY focus on kicking her assistant's nuts up into its stomach, that her kicks will SURELY improve enough to make the squad! Randi can't believe that her mom can use her assistant like this, but...whatever! All SHE cares about is making the squad! She couldn't care LESS about this idiot's nuts! So if this helps, she will totally give it a try! And so the "extra practice" begins...and shortly into it, Coach decides that the assistant needs to take his pants off so her daughter can get a REALLY good view of what she's aiming at! Then the REAL ballbusting begins! Eventually the assistant is BROKEN and Randi feels like she's "really ready now"! And she couldn't care less that she just destroyed a grown man's balls in the process! All she cares about is making the team. It is like she doesn't even NOTICE that this poor loser is curled up on the ground in pain. She even comments to her mom that as the coach, she should use her assistant like this ALL the time- "and make this a regular drill for ALL the girls on the squad!!!"

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