Nicki S...Stars Abound!!!

Released at: November 19, 2017 by 97% Amateurs
Nicki S. is one charming personality. Don't let the several hundred stars she has tattooed all over her body throw you off. It's just who she is! She strips out of her dress & peels her bra down. Very full breasts & larger than average areolas. A beautiful star pattern flows into her cleavage. Some nipple close-ups. Undoes the bra & we play with it for a few poses. Then we toss it. Breasts squeezed together. A small wiggle. Boob juggling. Perhaps you noticed some faint tan lines that she has. Slow motion jumping, then regular speed. Jumping & turning in slow motion. Slow motion wiggle while bending over forward. Jump & wiggle combo. We switch to a black bra with a hot pink lining. Strips naked & walks off the set. We move into a very nice lacy thong and cup-less bra combo. A nice turnaround to show all her tattoos. Nipple & boob close-up. Bending & stretching poses. Bending over forward with a wiggle. Full body views. Continuing in the black lingerie. Undoes the halter-styled straps from the top & pulls it tightly over her nipples. Nipple flicking in regular & slow motion. Pulls her bottoms forward for a sweet peek-a-boo view of her fat inner pussy lips. Crotch pull aside. Wow those pussy lips are impressive. Strips out of the outfit with another close-up pussy view. Squats to the ground & those massive inner lips are simply glued together in a very impressive & unique fashion. Mashes her pussy against the ground. Sitting on the ground with her upper body leaning back. More pussy views with legs wide apart. Now lying on her back & we look at her pussy from multiple angles. More pussy close-ups. Knees up to her chest, then on all fours with a view between her legs with boobs a hanging with a sweet wiggle. Slow motion wiggle. Side boob views. Ass way up in the air with a great butt view. We move to her rear & see a tightly squeezed clam shell shaped pussy. Laying on her side in a classic nude pose. Another outfit change. Lime green panties with a matching green fishnet body-stocking. We watch as she squeezes into the outfit. Sweet how the large nipples poke through the hole in the outfit. Various poses including bending forward & nipple close-ups. Full body views. We put on some long white silky Opera Gloves that go well above the elbow. Nipple close-up through the fishnet. A peek down her panties. What a meaty pussy! Wiggles her body. Pulls her panties down & gives us pussy views from both the front & the back. Hands on her butt. Nicki now on her back pulling panties down and we get a much closer look at that luscious pussy. Pussy spreads. Clit close-up. She spreads & releases her outer pussy lips. Nicki does our classic "Bat Wings" outer pussy lips spread. Flexes her outer lips together & apart. Glass dildo play. No music for this portion of the video.

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